forecasting and futures consultants

foreseechange provides accurate and insightful forecasts.  We use advanced forecasting models, specified on the basis of our research into how markets actually work.

foreseechange is based in Australia.

We regularly forecast retail sales, new vehicle sales, population growth, and long-term rainfall in Australia.  Syndicated forecasts may be purchased online at

We also provide customised forecasting and analysis services.

Charlie Nelson, Managing Director of foreseechange, has a track record for accurate forecasts of retail sales, new vehicle sales, and other variables such as rainfall over the past 15 years.

“foreseechange has been researching consumers in Australia since 2005 and is often able to pick up significant trends well ahead of official statistics”.
Robert Gottliebsen, The Australian, May 18 2016.

“Charlie has been helping me pick trends for more than 10 years and I haven’t seen him get it wrong yet”.
Harold Mitchell, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, 30 April 2009.

"Nelson is one of Australia's most respected forecasters of consumer behaviour and spending patterns.  Why is he respected?  Because most of his forecasts come true"
Neil Shoebridge, Business Review Weekly, November 13-19, 2003, page 62.

Our Consumer Pulse tracking survey provides a leading indicator for retail sales, outbound international tourism, and the broader household consumption expenditure growth.  Analysis of spatial variation of these indicators is also available - for example the Profligate Spenders who are both willing and able to spend.

We have analysed the drivers of Australia’s per capita GDP growth and are concerned that this measure is on the verge of a long-term standstill.  More details

Foreseechange has been researching the influences of various factors on the level of belief in global warming and the implications for the level of support for action on climate change.  The first two reports are based on analysis of survey data collected over the past ten years.  Several other reports will be issued progressively during 2015.  More details

Charlie Nelson has written a book aimed at improving forecasting accuracy.  It comprises a chapter on the costs of forecasting inaccuracy, provides seven forecasting case studies, evaluates the performance of economic forecasting and exchange rate forecasting, provides an overview of forecasting techniques and discusses the essential forecasting skills.  More details.



Common mis-spellings of foreseechange include forseechange and forseachange.