About foreseechange

Established in 2000 by Charlie Nelson, the purpose of foreseechange is to assist clients to capitalise on the future.  We do this using forecasting, foresight, and insights to predict and imagine the future.

Change occurs due to demographic, economic, and political factors.  Organisations can change their own future with informed strategy.  Change also comes in the form of disruptions such as the global financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic.  Some disruptions can be predicted while others can at least be imagined and so prepared for.

I retained Charlie Nelson for over 20 years.  I always knew what was happening a year ahead because of it.

Our competitors, all giant international companies, had no idea.

Our business boomed.

Our shareholders made a lot of money thanks to Charlie.

Harold Mitchell AC
Founder and Chairman, Mitchell Communications
Mitchell Communications was sold to Aegis Media, which was acquired by Dentsu

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