Proprietary tracking data

Consumer Pulse

Future consumer spending related indicators:

Willingness to spend, expected availability of discretionary funds, saving priorities, expectations about house prices and interest rates, preferred movement in interest rates.

Changing interest rate sensitivity

Wisdom of the Masses

Expected likelihood of future events – indicators affecting future consumer behaviour:

Severe economic slowdown, rise in unemployment, imminent climate change, disease, decline in births, large rises in prices of petrol and electricity, other topical issues.

Wisdom of the Masses: May 2023 – Foreseechange

Expected future concerns

Expected level of future concern about issues including cost of living, health, climate change, economic issues, housing affordability, crime, education, and topical issues.

Confidence about the future and opinions about topical issues

Confidence about personal future, future of Australia, and of the world.

Opinions about topical issues including current affairs.